Nancy and Walker's Scrapbook

Nancy and Walker
"There is no such thing as too much stuff!"

Uh-Oh! Somewhere on the bumpy trip down the cyber highway you took a wrong turn and wound up on our home page. While you are getting your bearings, we would like to share some of our interests with you, and hope that you find the visit enjoyable.

   Here are our online scrapbook photo albums...

Our interests include:

   Hidden Treasure
   Traveling.... We spend a lot of time traveling.
   The Caribbean.... We live in the Caribbean. We commute to Houston to work.
   Fishing... Fly fishing!
   Plants and Gardening... Passion fruit, plumeria, herbs, flowers.
   The Smoky Mountains.... Our favorite fall trip is to the Smoky Mountains.
   Flying.... How we do most of our traveling.
   Windsurfing.... Probably the most addictive thing that we have ever done.
   Collecting stuff.... It's safe to say that we collect, well, a few things. Generically, we just like to say that we collect "stuff". To see what we mean by stuff, take a look at our "Page of Stuff".

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